LeBron James’ Memory Flexing After Game 3 Actually Was Pretty Impressive

We know, we know: The wall-to-wall coverage of LeBron James’ photographic memory has been a bit much.

But the “The King” does deserve some praise for how he flexed his brain muscles Saturday night.

James made a variety of big plays in leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 116-86 victory over the Boston Celtics in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals. And after the game, a reporter asked James about a few plays in particular.

Then the Cavs forward did this:

Yes, James’ memory display after Game 1 was way, way overblown. But you have to admit: The detail he went into when recalling those passes was pretty impressive.

Regardless, he and the Cavs still trail the Celtics by a game in the conference finals. Game 4, which ultimately could determine the series, goes down Monday night in Cleveland.