Tom Brady Drops Annual Playoff Hype Video Ahead Of Patriots-Titans Game

New England Patriots fans likely didn’t need any help getting hyped for Saturday’s AFC Divisional Round matchup with the Tennessee Titans.

But that didn’t stop Tom Brady.

The Patriots quarterback regularly drops hype videos ahead of important games, such as season openers and playoff games. And he continued that trend Saturday ahead of the Pats’ postseason opener.

Check this out:

Instagram Photo

Short, but sweet.

Pretty by-the-books video from Brady, although the Lion was a bit a random. As for the voiceover, it’s from a seminar called “The Nature of Consciousness,” which was written and performed by British philosopher Alan Watts.

Considering Brady’s affinity for alternative wellness methods, if should come as little surprise that he draws inspiration from a man who devoted his life to Eastern philosophy.

So, what’s all this got to do with football? Your guess is as good as ours.