Watch LaVar Ball Rip Son LiAngelo In First Meeting After China Arrest

LaVar Ball loves to pump his sons’ tires — sometimes excessively so.

But he apparently is equally ready to rip them when they do something wrong. And that’s especially true when it comes to LiAngelo Ball who, of course, recently did something very, very wrong.

LiAngelo was one of three UCLA players who were arrested in November for shoplifting while on a team trip in China. Although the players eventually were released (thanks, perhaps, to President Donald Trump), LiAngelo elected to ditch a looming suspension at UCLA in favor of playing pro ball in Lithuania with his brother, LaMelo Ball.

While LaVar might’ve moved on from the scandal, he certainly was furious at the time. Check out this recent clip from “Ball in the Family,” which shows LaVar and LiAngelo’s first confrontation after the arrest:

(Warning: Some of the language in the video is NSFW.)

You tell him, LaVar.

Although LiAngelo left Los Angeles for Northern Europe, he apparently will be back balling in the City of Angels within a couple years. That’s because both he and LaMelo will be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers by 2020, according to LaVar.