Julio Jones is having a great game against the Eagles … as a defensive back

Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills can’t haul in an interception because Julio Jones won’t let him.

Julio Jones hasn’t made much of an impact on offense early for the Atlanta Falcons against the Phildelphia Eagles with just four receptions for 43 yards. But his biggest contribution so far are the plays that he didn’t let happen.

Twice in the first half, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan lobbed a pass into coverage that could’ve been intercepted by the Eagles if not for Jones making a pass breakup.

The first was a badly underthrown ball that looked like it’d be an easy catch for Philadelphia cornerback Jalen Mills, but Jones came to the rescue.

The second was an even more egregiously bad decision by Ryan that again went straight to Mills before it was knocked down by Jones.

The second pass at least came with a defensive holding penalty on Mills that set up the Falcons with a first down that led to a touchdown.

Jones is a lot to handle for defensive backs, and even if he isn’t making an impact so far statistically, he’s saved the Falcons from some big mistakes so far.

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