Ray Allen holes out from way downtown in celebrity golf tournament

On the celebrity golf tournament circuit, which is a thing now, the celebs are usually just there for the giggles and camera time (or to try and sleep with porn stars?). They’re not there to perform great golf shots or feats of golfing excellence. Usually, the only time their actual golf shots make any sort of news is when it goes especially ugly or horrible (see: Charley Barkley).

Ray Allen, however, switched it up at the Diamond Resorts Invitational in Orlando when he provided the biggest highlight of the opening round. Allen is an avid golfer, grinding on his game and improving dramatically since he retired. But this is more than any could expect and every pro in the field this week would obviously take it.

Allen is probably not as good as Steph Curry, but maybe he’ll get close someday thanks to that retired Florida man life.

The all-time 3-point leader will be back out there with John Daly and Eric Gagne (now that’s a trio) again on Saturday afternoon on Golf Channel. He’s been ostracized by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, but maybe he’s found his new Big 3 running mates in Daly and Gagne.

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