Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly is finding ways to enjoy his 6 game suspension

As much as you can enjoy being suspended, of course.

Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly is currently in the middle of a six game suspension, one he was handed after he tried to fight half the Yankees roster with only his bare hands and an infusion of angry Boston fan energy that wafts over Fenway on the wind currents from South Boston.

Considering he’s sidelined for six games, Kelly is actually handling it pretty well. In fact, he seems to be having a lot of fun with his time off and is really leaning into the opportunities the free time has afforded him.

The fun actually started with a tweet after the appeal decision came down, and it was announced that Tyler Austin’s suspension would be reduced while Kelly’s would not.

So we’ve already reached the point where Kelly clearly doesn’t care what people think of him during the suspension. Or at all, based on the fight itself.

Then, during this weekend’s series at Fenway against the Tampa Bay Rays, Kelly decided instead of chilling a suite with team officials or some such, he would watch from the stands.

He actually started in the team president Sam Kennedy’s suite and then decided he would incite a rally by moving locations and trying to find good luck, which makes the decision even better. He told The Athletic he bounced between five different spots in his process, and the rally came and the Red Sox won.

They have another game at home on Monday, so he might be seen again. Or he could be playing Fortnite and thinking about how best to use it for his charitable endeavors.

Kelly often raises money for the Mission 108 Foundation, which fights human trafficking as well as supports other populations in need. He also clearly loves Fortnite. If one thing that comes from this suspension is Kelly getting much better at the game and owning every other player on the Sox roster on camera for charity, then so be it.

He’s eligible to play again Wednesday, but that leaves a whole day and change for him to get up to some more shenanigans in the stands or online. Kelly Watch is on. – All Posts