The arbitration deadline passed, which means something actually happened

Saturday’s Say Hey, Baseball looks at the exciting world of last-minute arbitration deals, something called Project Sunshine, and the perfection of Yu Darvish’s tweets.

This is where we are, friends. The baseball news cupboard is so bare that fans have actually been yearning for the arbitration deadline, which was Friday at 1pm ET. Because at the very least, that meant that things would happen with players and contracts.

And boy, did things, uh, happen. A glut of players reached one-year deals with their teams today, but a few stuck out. Josh Donaldson avoided arbitration with the Blue Jays, with his deal setting an arbitration record. He’ll be paid $ 23 million this year, beating out Bryce Harper’s $ 21.625 million. And Kris Bryant also avoided arbitration with the Cubs, getting a record $ 10.85 million for a player in his first year of arbitration. That record had previously been $ 10 million and held by Ryan Howard, whose list of accomplisments after his first few years in the majors looks familiar: a rookie of the year award, and an NL MVP award.

Not all players reached deals with their teams before the deadline. At least 26 players are headed to salary arbitration with their team. The two teams with the most players? The Marlins and the Astros with three each. And in reality, it’s not surprising that either of these teams are at the top of this list. The Marlins want nothing more than to clear salary so Derek Jeter and the rest of the new ownership group can make piles and piles of money. And the Astros? The entire point of their rebuild was to build a championship team while spending as little money as possible. Now a panel will decide how much they should pay George Springer, Ken Giles, and Collin McHugh.

Or… something. This is the most MLB news there has been in awhile, and somehow it’s still terribly boring. We’re talking about salary arbitration like it’s the most exciting thing to happen in baseball this year. AND THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS. – All Posts