The Bulls getting a free rebound and losing it anyway is a tanking masterpiece

This could have gone better.

The Chicago Bulls pulled off a play so disastrous it should be considered a piece of art.

On Tuesday against the Clippers, all five of their players had a good look at a defensive board after DeAndre Jordan missed a free throw. David Nwaba was at the perfect spot to reach for it. Unfortunately, Kris Dunn was also kind of in that same spot so instead of the guaranteed rebound, the two Bulls crashed into each other and could only watch as the ball rolled out of bounds. The rest of the Bulls joined in. The Clippers got the ball instead.

Everyone on the team had a different reaction to this absurd play:

Kris Dunn – determination, followed by disappointment. Finally acceptance

Poor Kris Dunn. He had good intentions as the ball bounced off the rim. But he was at fault for knocking Nwaba out of position. To be fair, he never stopped trying to recover the ball as it rolled away. He was just two or three feet away from saving the play. And even when the ball was called out, he kept going. Part of it might have been due to his momentum but it can probably also be attributed to gleaning for a moment of escape from the embarrassing play.

You can tell he owned up to it based on the expression at the end of the video. Yeah, it was a flub but there’s still the next play. And the one after that.

Cristiano Felicio – despair

Felicio was initially the furthest away from the rebound, but he got the closest view of the ball rolling out. His feet were already set as the ball went away from him, so he knew that the rebound was a lost cause. As a result, he sulked as he waited for the refs to blow the whistle.

Zach LaVine – frustation

Even before the ball went out of bounds, LaVine already made the decision to turn around. That jab thrown at the air screams, “they don’t pay me enough to deal with this.” Instead of sulking in the agony of a blown rebound with his teammates, he decided to get back on defense. There’s no use in feeling too bad about it when you’re already focused on the next possession.

Bobby Portis – confidence, then confusion

With all the players free to grab the rebound, Bobby Portis instinctively headed towards the opposing basket like it was no big deal. And it shouldn’t have been but as soon as he saw that ball heading the opposite direction, he had to stop and examine how that all transpired.

The Bulls’ bench – surrender cobras

It must be frustrating to be a part of a play that’s go so awry but it’s only worse when you’re part of the team and can’t help since you’re on the bench. Guess the only thing you can really do is put up those surrender cobras. It wasn’t the most uplifting reaction.

But maybe these are the plays the Chicago Bulls are looking for. It’s not farfetched to imagine a scenario in which they have multiple saboteurs on the court to pick up an extra L in the season, just for the NBA Draft. After all, the association recently told the franchise to not intentionally rest their healthy players. Having your healthy players make a quick slip up every now and then is a viable alternative if you’re into that kind of thing. – All Posts