Well, Mike Gundy took off his shirt during a Bob Stoops video tribute

Because how else would Gundy salute Stoops?

Yes, this headline is real! Retired Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops is being honored in Norman all weekend, ahead of the Sooners’ spring game this Saturday. The weekend is being dubbed “Salute to Stoops,” and on Friday night, several former and current head coaches honored Stoops, including Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy. The Pokes’ head coach decided to go shirtless for his tribute via video, naturally:

My favorite part about this is how he leans into this act by simply taking off his “snake boots” before telling Stoops they can go swimming down in Florida together someday.

This is far from the first time Gundy has gone shirtless. During a pep rally at an Oklahoma State pep rally, he went shirtless, which got a huge roar from the crowd:

Oh yeah, and he dawned a damn wrestling singlet to show support for the Oklahoma State wrestling team last spring:

As for what else Stoops has lined up for this weekend in Norman, the former Sooners coach will have his statue unveiled. Oklahoma’s Owen Field will also be painted with the saying, featuring his visor, which should look pretty sweet. As far as his coaching days go, it appears that those are officially behind him…

…unless Steve Spurrier can convince him to join his new spring football league!

For now though, Stoops will definitely be enjoying his weekend back at his old stomping grounds.

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