Kyrie Irving to Give ‘Aching’ Left Knee an Extended Rest

Kyrie Irving says his left knee is “aching” and that he will take the necessary time for the joint to feel better.

The Boston Celtics’ superstar point guard sat out the second half of Sunday’s 99-97 loss to the visiting Indiana Pacers, but insists he’s not overly concerned.

The C’s agree that Kyrie can benefit from a few days off to address his “general knee soreness.”

Per the Boston Herald:

By all accounts, the knee problem is not too serious. Coach Brad Stevens said as much after the game, adding, “We don’t know what it is above general knee soreness, and I think that’s the case. But we will go and get as much testing as we need to. We think it’s general knee soreness, and he doesn’t seem overly concerned big picture-wise with it. But it’s obviously been giving him fits here and there for the 5-8 days or so.”

But before leaving the Garden last night, he agreed that he needs to stop flipping the on-off switch. A longer break may be in order.

“Yeah, I think that would probably be the best thing,” Irving said. “Just instead of kind of hoping that it gets better over two or three days, which it usually does, it’s still aching a little bit more than I want it to right now. So I’m just going to take the necessary time.

“It started in Houston, just aching,” he said, referencing the first game of this last road trip. “I thought a few days, usually it just subsides, but it’s been aching for a little bit, so I’m just going to do what’s necessary in order to get back where I need to be to feeling comfortable.”

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