I Would Watch Tristan Thompson’s Unfunny But Factually Accurate “SNL” Sketches

Saturday Night Live earned big laughs earlier this month with a sketch skewering LeBron James’ lackluster supporting cast on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It was funny because there’s some truth to it. No one disputes that James is carrying most of the load and he’s more than willing to embrace that narrative.

Tristan Thompson, one of those roasted teammates, has a different take and it’s: other Cavaliers players are people, too. And they do stuff to help!

The big man got a nice zinger in at Saturday Night Live during yesterday’s media availability.

Take that, funny nerds. You don’t know sports.

One can only imagine the content Thompson could bring to table reads. Just patently unfunny stuff with a deep grounding in reality. I’d love to see these come to light with completely straightforward portrayals by the cast members of SNL, whose highest duty, as we all know, is to perfectly reflect reality with no artistic liberties.

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