Kirk Cousins Vikings Deal Means He’ll Very Likely Be a Free Agent in His Prime Again

Kirk Cousins newsflow has increasingly indicated he’ll be a Minnesota Viking in the last few days, and this nugget about what his contract will be is very intriguing:

Cousins is 29 years old. Given the way that a) the quarterback position has evolved in the last decade or so, and b) NFL rules have been adjusted to keep QBs healthier for longer, he will be coming up for another contract when he’s 32 years old. He will reportedly earn about $ 28 million per season on this deal.

While it’s possible that the Vikings like what they see and lock him up beyond that, it is very probable that he will at least enter the final year in his deal with the same type of leverage he had this season.

It is rare in the NFL that deals are fully guaranteed, but Cousins made a big bet on himself, played through two franchise tag seasons, and will again find himself in a position to fully capitalize on his talents in a few years.

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