PM Roundup: Arielle Kebbel; Josh Donaldson Cashes In; Kyrie Irving Learned From Instagram

The Big Lead’s PM Sports Roundup, which really wants to be an arbitration-eligible baseball player right now.

Kebbel in Fifty Shades: The criminally underrated Arielle Kebbel is apparently in the next Fifty Shades of whatever movie. She also looked fantastic at the Golden Globes over the weekend:

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Donaldson gets paid: The Toronto Blue Jays and third baseman Josh Donaldson shattered the record for arbitration-eligible players on Friday, agreeing to a one-year, $ 23 million deal. That’s just insane.

Kyrie learns from Instagram: Celtics guard Kyrie Irving claims Instagram taught him the Earth is flat. Crazy coincidence, but Twitter is where I learned gravity is a myth, Friendster is where I found out heliocentricity is a government plot and Tinder is where I learned most of my friends have absolutely zero shame.

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