Roundup: RIP Stephen Hawking; Jeff Bezos Ate an Iguana; & United Airlines Allegedly Responsible for Dog’s Death

Emily Ratajkowski … why would Florida open a nature park and name it after the movie Se7en? … if you scroll down here, there’s a photo of Jeff Bezos eating an iguanaRIP Craig Mack, the rapper who was famous in the 90s … she was a well-liked nursing student; a guy she used to date killed her and fled the country … “Teen confesses to stabbings, converted to Islam” … United Airlines crew made a dog owner put a french bulldog in the overhead bin, and the puppy died … one of the Baldwin daughters is trying to make this a Tuesday thingStephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist, died at the age of 76 … 

I’d agree 100%: The Jets don’t need to get in the Baker Mayfield business. [Newsday]

JR Smith is going to the bench, Kyle Korver the starting lineup, and the Cavs will continue mixing up the lineup until the playoffs. [ESPN]

Bob Kravitz, the great sportswriter in Indiana, shares his story of depression. [WTHR]

The Titans have jumped at signing two former Patriots, Dion Lewis and Malcolm Butler. [Tennessean]

Why would Giants pay Odell Beckham when he’s a walking headache? How the Cleveland Browns can make the playoffs. How athletes like Gronk, Richard Sherman and Russell Westbrook are alike. [Podcast]

Based on just stats, Cincinnati has a better chance to win the NCAA Tournament than North Carolina, Arizona, Kentucky and Michigan. [538]

The Pacers won in Philadelphia with Victor Oladipo only shooting 4-of-21. Impressive. [Indy Star]

I gotta get my kids on this Jimmy Kimmel segment next year.

Donovan Mitchell trying very hard to secure that Rookie of the Year award.

You Tube is rigged, right? How does this March Madness video have 6.5 million views? I watched all six minutes, didn’t laugh once.

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