Roundup: Watch a Gang Member Get Shot in Court Trying to Stab a Witness; Spurs Out of the Playoffs; & Turn Off Your Location Services

Kate Upton … gotta turn off your location services, people … xxx … five passengers on a NYC helicopter ride were killed when the chopper went down in the East river … “The Killers of Kiev: How Putin Created an Assassin’s Metropolis” … “Met Opera’s James Levine fired for ‘sexually abusive’ conduct” … a plane crash in Nepal killed 49 people … an Army veteran killed three works at facility in California, and one of the women was 32, and seven months pregnant … it’s spring break in Fort Lauderdale and the police are out in full force … someone is leaving bombs in packages at the doorstep of black families in Austin … don’t vote for me in the Most Annoying Person in Sports Media contest … the NYC Buckets blog has shut down … 

Peyton Manning sold 31 Papa John’s stores two days before the NFL dumped the chain. [Denver Post]

The Spurs are beat up, and they’ve also fallen out of the Top 8 in the West after a loss to the Rockets. [My San]

Why would Giants pay Odell Beckham when he’s a walking headache? How the Cleveland Browns can make the playoffs. How athletes like Gronk, Richard Sherman and Russell Westbrook are alike. [Podcast]

The Jets have all the money to pay free agents, but there aren’t enough good ones to throw money at. [NY Post]

Things are getting really ugly between ESPN and the NFL. Like, really bad. [Sports Business Journal]

It’s be tremendous for the NFL to start having free agency like the NBA. And we can all thank Kirk Cousins. [Yahoo Sports]

Wait, people actually think there’s going to be a QB showdown at Georgia? []

If you’re a comic book fan, this read on the last days of Stan Lee will make you sad. It’ll also make you sad if you’re a human. [Daily Beast]

Kentucky fans are angry I said that Davidson’s Bob McKillop is a much better coach than John Calipari. [Kentucky 247 Sports]

Here’s a just-released 4-year old video of a gang member trying to kill a witness in court with a pen or pencil. The gang member was shot dead by the deputy.

I’ve seen this commercial tons, and decided to look it up on You Tube. It has 73 million views. I guess I don’t understand You Tube.

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