The Cavaliers Have Only a 0.1% Chance to Win the NBA Title, According to ESPN’s BPI

If anyone was planning on seeing LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers win another championship this season, today is not their day to be hopeful.

Yes, the Cavaliers do not look very good right now even after trading most of their roster, but according to one metric, they might be really bad.

That is according to ESPN’s BPI, who now says the chances of the Cavs winning the title are at, well, 0.1%.

Yes, 0.1%.

That means, there is a better chance that the Philadelphia 76ers led by a rookie will be hosting a parade come late June who come in at 0.7%, if you accept ESPN’s evaluation.

There is also a better chance the Washington Wizards (0.3%), who are allergic to success in the postseason, will be adding a championship banner to the rafters compared to Cleveland.

What about the Utah Jazz who are currently the 10th seed? Better chance than Cleveland by 0.2%.

Even the Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder who would be lucky to steal a game against the Rockets and Warriors (in a playoff series) have better odds than LeBron’s squad.

Oh, remember when the Patriots came back to win the Super Bowl down 28-3? That was more likely than Cleveland winning it all this year.

The chances of a 1,000-year storm may even be more likely to happen.

To spin this into a positive, it is better than being at 0.0% …

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