Tucker Carlson Asking Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy About Getting Stung By a Bee is Peak Cable News

Considering the topsy-turvy ride this globe has been on in recent months, its inhabitants should be prepared for literally any combination of words in a cable news chryon. Still, Tucker Carlson Tonight plastering a “Dave Portnoy On His Bee Sting Today” on the screen was pretty jarring — and surreal enough to require some fact-checking.

Sure enough, this was something that happened in the real world and not a fever dream or new circle of Dante’s hell. The Fox News host had the Barstool founder on primarily to talk about a recent t-shirt-related victory over the NFL.

The segment begins here at the 35:30 mark if you’re into masochism.

And you know what? Portnoy earned the right to go on television, spike the football and taunt Roger Goodell as he’s wont to do. That doesn’t make Carlson taking the ball and running with it in furtherance of his specious and dire NFL forecasts any less humorous. It doesn’t make the fact that at some point in an editorial meeting yesterday, Portnoy getting stung by a bee made the big board as a worthy topic for air.

What a time to be alive.

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