VIDEO: Mentalist Does Weird Mentalist Stuff to Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose

ESPN is packing all sorts of content into its Tournament Challenge Marathon and it’s making for some loose and conversational television. People like mentalist Oz Pearlman are showing up and, well, doing this sorcery.

Pearlman asked Jalen Rose to write down the winner of any first-round game and the score. Mike Greenberg was stationed nearby without an earpiece and numbing his senses.

Greenberg somehow correctly guessed “Seton Hall, 80-73” thanks to the mentalist’s dark arts, sending the set into a tizzy. All involved parties are saying it’s real, though haters will obviously say it’s fake.

If Greenberg did have prolonged access to someone like this, one would hope he asked how his new morning show Get Up, is destined to fare. If so, then that’s the clip I’d like ESPN post.

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