What Could Rob Gronkowski’s Farewell Message to Danny Amendola Possibly Mean?

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Danny Amendola is off to ply his craft for Miami after five years in New England perfecting the undersized slot receiver position. Bill Belichick surely has another dozen clones rolling off the line sometime soon to take his place. Current tight end Rob Gronkowskioffered his heartfelt appreciation and best wishes to his teammate on Instagram and his capitalization choices have scholars everywhere trying to divine a deeper meaning.

The text in question?

It was a honor playing with ya the past 5 years @dannyamendola Thanks for all the hugs and memories! Stay lit, Be FREE, Be HAPPY. Your hard work, the way you play at your size, the pain you fought through, the hits you take and get right back up talking shit back. I appreciated it all. Congrats. Enjoy Miami kid.”

Hmm. Be FREE. Be HAPPY. Could that mean players aren’t free and happy under the unflinching Patriot Way? Could it mean Gronkowski wants to stretch his wings and fly to freer skies?

I mean, it could if you are one who believes the gregarious touchdown machine chooses his words very carefully and has cause to play such a game in public. Considering the fault lines that have come to the surface in recent reporting, it’s not the craziest hypothesis out there.

Or, it could just a case of a stuck CAPS LOCK key. Who knows?


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