By hiring Matt Nagy, the Bears finally broke tradition

The Chicago Bears introduced a new coach on Tuesday. And at this time, nobody knows if he will be successful or not. But at least he’s not what the Bears typically hire. He’s not robotic like Dick Jauron, a bore like Lovie Smith, strange like Marc Trestman or lackluster like John Fox.I was sure Minnesota offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur would be the Bears’ selection. He was considered the safe choice, had previous experience, (not that the Bears usually hire someone that has done it before) and his personality was described as boring. I predicted on my radio show Sunday that the Bears would hire him because of the coaches they interviewed. But he was the one guy I didn’t want.When Trestman was hired after a search involving almost 20 candidates, I said at the time I didn’t care who the Bears chose as long as it wasn’t Trestman. That’s why I was shocked when they didn’t announce Shurmur as their new coach.I knew they wouldn’t hire a defensive coach. Therefore, George Edwards of the Vikings was a Rooney Rule r
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